Machine Translation Post-Editing for your medical documents.

Are you part of a global healthcare organisation looking for a cutting-edge translation solution? Novalins introduces our new service – Machine Translation Post-Editing, designed to deliver accurate medical translations faster and more cost-effectively while ensuring quality comparable to human translation.

Novalins is an ISO-certified leader in medical translation, supporting over 270 healthcare organisations with over 12 years of specialisation in the medical field exclusively. Our network of 3000+ senior medical translators, covering all therapeutic areas and languages, ensures your projects meet the highest standards.

Why Machine Translation Post-Editing?

In the dynamic world of healthcare, where accuracy and timeliness are essential, Novalins blends advanced technology with unmatched expertise. Our service features:

Tailored Solutions

Combining client-specific Translation Memories, AI-powered tools, and advanced Translation Management software to find the right technology blend for each client.

Dynamic Methodology

Continuously updated with the latest software and AI technologies to select the optimal solution for your project, optimising both cost and time efficiency.

Quality Assurance

A preliminary testing phase of the machine translation is conducted on the translation output by our quality team to assess the feasibility of the project.

Your Secure Translation Partner

We prioritise the security and confidentiality of your medical documents, using premium software licenses and managing data in a secure digital environment.

Digital Portals:

Our Project Management and Clients’ Portals simplify project oversight, collaboration, and real-time information access, all within a secure framework.

ISO Certified Excellence:

Proudly certified in ISO 9001-2015, ISO 17100:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 18587, reflecting our commitment to security and transparency.

Experience the Benefits

Cost and Time Efficiency:

Achieve significant savings and faster turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Certified Quality:

Our machine translation services are certified ISO 18587 and come with a certificate of accuracy, ensuring industry quality standards are strictly applied.


Your content will present the same terminology, style and tone among all translations with the use of advanced Translation Management Systems.

Improved Machine Translation Output:

Combining machine translation with translation memories from past projects improves considerably the translation output.

Customised Care:

Our approach is personalised, from initial quality assessment to final delivery, ensuring your needs are met, as performance varies among tools.

Discover the Novalins Difference

Let Novalins show you how our Machine Translation Post-Editing service can transform your medical document translation process. Contact us today with a sample document and see if your projects qualify for machine translation.

Explore Our Services

A world of linguistic excellence.

At Novalins, we don’t just stop at machine translation. Take a look at a range of comprehensive language solutions tailored for your needs. From precise translations to interpretation services and subtitle translation, our services redefine communication boundaries.

Novalins translations are accurate and follow industry standards and authority requirements, which has consistently resulted in regulatory approval of our submissions. They have also always been courteous, professional and responsive to our requirements.

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