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Running your business is always easier when you have a trusted partner you can rely on. With 12-years track record and 4 ISO certifications, our company has always been dedicated exclusively to the healthcare sector, working with pharmaceutical companies, medical device enterprises, and even some unicorn Med-Tech companies. This consistent focus on the healthcare world has nurtured our solid reputation and deep industry expertise.

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Every customer is unique, which is why we’re committed to customize our solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring compliance and alignment with your business objectives. Our team is skilled in crafting processes, selecting and blending the right combination of technologies to fulfil your requirements and make your project a success. We excel in managing tight deadlines, guaranteeing timely delivery for your most urgent projects or regulatory submissions.

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In an era where technology rapidly evolves, having a partner well-versed in digital advancements and the latest AI innovations is crucial. Our company now offers machine translation, enhanced by our ISO 18587:2017 certification for the post-editing of machine translation output. This method is employed selectively, ensuring the final product meets the high standards expected of human translation.

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We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading healthcare companies. Here’s what they had to say about their experience with us.

We have been impressed with Novalins´ commitment to quality and customer service, and we would recommend Novalins to anyone looking for an experienced medical translation provider.

OPKO Health, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Department

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Why Choose Novalins?

At Novalins, we bring over 12 years of exclusive dedication to medical translation, blending advanced technology with unparalleled expertise for over 270 healthcare organisations. We stand by our promise to deliver accurate, industry-compliant translations, meeting even the most stringent deadlines required by leading healthcare companies. With a global network of 3,000 medical experts, alongside the latest technological innovations, we are uniquely positioned to execute complex, multilingual projects swiftly and efficiently. Our dedication to quality and speed ensures that your most challenging translation needs are met with excellence.

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