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Novalins is an expert in artificial intelligence technology translations. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we provide robust translation and localization services to deep technology companies in MedTech, Fintech, and other digital sectors. Our services are designed to help you engage confidently with international clients and overcome linguistic barriers to expand your business to new markets.  

We have worked with some of the most disruptive tech companies in the industry, delivering high-quality and precise intelligent automated translation services. Our experienced specialists can accurately translate software applications, technical documents, product websites, technology patents, eLearning courses, and product manuals while maintaining top-notch quality.  

Your Trusted Partner for Accurate Artificial Intelligence Technology Translations

At Novalins, we serve as your trusted partner for accurate artificial intelligence technology translation services. We have a team of experts in technology and linguistics, providing linguistically correct and technically precise translations for a wide range of technology/AI solutions and products like semiconductors, software, blockchain, mobile devices, AI, cloud computing, and more.

Our professional team excels at doing technical translations for the IT industry with excellent linguistic accuracy, quality, and security. Moreover, we have three ISO certifications, which are proof of our standards and expertise. Plus, we remain at the forefront of next-generation localization technologies enabling our team to provide the highest quality and precise translations.  

I must say I really like the Novalins portal.

It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

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In-Depth Understanding of Your Product or Solution

As an established process automation translation services provider in the industry, we have experts in our team. We quickly understand your product using our hands-on experience of the diverse and ground-breaking product and solutions translations. We ensure that you are able to release your product in your target markets on record times, so you get the maximum return on your investment.

We can translate any type of content for artificial intelligence and technology businesses with speed and perfection, from technology patents to user manuals, training materials, and websites. We use the most advanced technologies (latest translation software, CMS, etc.), which streamlines and speedup the entire translation process ensuring delivery of accurate translations within the timeframe.

Novalins translations are accurate and follow industry standards and authority requirements, which has consistently resulted in regulatory approval of our submissions. They have also always been courteous, professional and responsive to our requirements.

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Industry Experts to Handle Your Project

We have a network of 300 expert translators who are senior professionals. We have carefully selected each one of them based on their field of specialization and industry. We ensure that our translators pay attention to the detail of your translation project to deliver a meticulous, intelligent automated translation service.

Whether you need our services for fintech, the internet of things, or MedTech, we have experts from your industry. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of our team, we’re able to eliminate unnecessary revisions and ensure the most accurate process automation translations in the first attempt.

We have been impressed with Novalins´ commitment to quality and customer service, and we would recommend Novalins to anyone looking for an experience medical translation provider.

OPKO Health, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Department

Save Your Time, Money, and Resources with Novalins

As an experienced tech translation company, we understand the challenges that you face in the tech world. We know what it takes to make your translations accurate, fast, easy-to-read, and culturally suitable. We adapt our artificial intelligence translation services according to your specific project requirements. This enables us to deliver excellent results in the fastest possible time without hassle and stress. Thus, we save your time, money, and resources.

We have been impressed with Novalins´ commitment to quality and customer service, and we would recommend Novalins to anyone looking for an experience medical translation provider.

OPKO Health, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Department

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